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Frequently asked questions.

How will a web site benefit my business?

This will vary depending on your business, but just a few benefits are :

Promote your business, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Anyone, anywhere in the world, is a potential customer
Advertise and promote your products and services
Gather information from site visitors via forms
Accept orders, enquiries and feedback
Provide your customers with information, literature and marketing tools without having to physically distribute them
Display your logos, photographs and accreditations
Run a guest book
Offer fax and email at the click of a button

What do I need to do before I get my web site?

Choose your own web address, otherwise known as domain name. For example, www.yourcompanyname.co.uk

Choose an email address, if you don't already have one. For example, yourname@yourcompany.co.uk

What do I need to do once my web site is up and running?

Basically, Promote, Promote, Promote !

You want as many visitors as possible, so add your web address to your :

every e-mail (use a signature)
business cards
compliment slips
invoices and receipts
company vehicles
... in fact anywhere you display your company name, address or telephone number If you have a shop, then promote your site in the window and on the door Tell people when you speak to anyone

In addition, we register your site regularly with the 10 most common search engines.

What is a domain name?

Your domain name is your unique internet identification address.

The name can be virtually anything you wish and will usually end with .uk or .com, eg: yourdomain.co.uk

Having registered your domain, you simply pay a small annual fee to keep ownership of the domain.

What is web hosting?

In order for your web site to be available to internet users, the web pages need to be stored on a computer that is permanently connected to the internet.

Companies that provide these computers rent disk space for this purpose and this is known as "hosting" the site.

Weave-a-Web Services offer hosting of your site and charges are relative to the size of your web site.

For more details on web hosting click here,